Our staff exemplifies the rare qualities of expertise, empathy, understanding and education for the children with autism and their family members.  We recognize that each child has their own unique talents and abilities and that there isn’t a ‘one size fit all’. We take pride in our kids, watching them move forward and achieve and meeting their particular needs in every way possible.

Velora is willing to support parents through the provision of ‘Restbite’ and ‘Independence Travel’ experience for young adults that are autistic. The challenges that these individuals face are very personal to Velora as she has an adult son that has been diagnosed with autism. She therefore understands the importance of their unique needs and the roles that family members play. Sensitivity is part of innate Velora’s personality as she also has an adult niece who has autism. She knows that many children may have a combination of challenges and she is there to help them reach and achieve.

Velora is incredibly talented in working with both the children and families as she focuses on ensuring that they receive the right support, information and guidance. Part of her background is in Child Protection and this is an added benefit that gives her the extra experience in working with the public.