As a Caribbean native, Velora relocated to England with her family when she was 14 years old. She achieved her Social Science Degree with Honours in Psychology at Brunel University and continued with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education at West London Institute of Education where she received the qualified Teacher Status in Primary Education. By 1998, Velora received another teacher’s qualification to teach children with specific learning difficulties.

However, it was only in 2002 that Velora made a major change in her life and transitioned from the role of Primary school teacher to manage her own day care centre for children six months to 5 years. With a staff of six, she tutored kids up to 16 years old that were struggling in English and Math. Her experience allowed her to maintain the role of Additional Educational Needs Coordinator and in the nursery as Child Protection Coordinator.

The experience that Velora developed in these years allowed her to observe and assist children of many age groups. When she discovered that her own youngest child was being assessed for an autism diagnosis, she began moving in a direction that she felt would combine the years of expertise with the needs and requirements of other children and their families that were experiencing the same or similar circumstances. In total, Velora has over 25 years primary school teaching experience and 20 years of Special Education Needs teaching experience and training.

Velora is willing to support parents through the provision of ‘Respite’ and ‘Independence Travel’ experience for young adults that have autism. The challenges that these individuals face are very personal to her as she continues to support her now adult son who had been diagnosed with autism. She therefore understands the importance of the unique needs and roles that family members play. Sensitivity is part of innate her personality as she also has an adult niece diagnosed has autism. She knows that many children may have a combination of challenges and she is there to help them reach and achieve.

Incredibly talented in working with both the children and families, she focuses on ensuring that they receive the right support, information and guidance. With her background is in Child Protection, this added benefit gives her the extra experience in working with the public.

Velora developed her Autism Consultancy Business by blending her knowledge and compassion enabling her to assist the children that need it the most. As a continuing part of her life, she expanded her horizons to include freelance writing and has had her first book published entitled:


“She Caused the Lightning to Strike”


The book is available to buy (Hard-copy) or download (Kindle) on Amazon.


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