Our staff exemplifies the rare qualities of expertise, empathy, understanding and education for the children with autism and their family members.  We recognize that each child has their own unique talents and abilities and that there isn’t a ‘one size fit all’. We take pride in our kids, watching them move forward and achieve and meeting their particular needs in every way possible.

Our Directors

Natasha Gordon

photo of Natasha Gordon

What do I know about autism?

Within the last fifteen years of my profession, autism has become more known. Parents are seeking more strategies to learn how to cope. The parents have voiced their frustrations to me concerning lack of support after the diagnosis of autism. I believe many parents with autistic children need just as much support as their children. Parents have stated they need support with specific guidance on behaviour management, support at work, coping strategies as a family and sleep deprivation.

What can I offer Velora Autism Corner Foundation?

To deliver specific duties set out by Velora Autism Corner Foundation. Generate new ideas or contacts to help nurture funds for the community.


I am a success-driven business owner with 15 years of expertise in developing intuitive connections and attaining life goal strategies.

I provide responsive support to families individually or by way of group facilitation. The sessions explore their feelings, self-awareness, increase social skills, improve certainty co-ordination, decrease anxiety and raise self-respect. The aim of the sessions is to improve client’s motivation and his or her logic of personal well-being.

Practices include: Restorative art, Meditation, Holistic nutrition and massage.

Herald Essuman

I am 35 years old, with a diagnosis of Learning Difficulties. I’m the holiday scheme leader and one of the directors of this organisation. This year the Velora Autism members went on a bowling trip which was great because it gave us a chance to meet new people, communicate with each other and develop new skills. I enjoy working at Velora Autism Corner because I get to develop my skills, help others to believe in themselves and every victory no matter how small is an achievement.


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