Velora Autism Corner (VAC) was founded by Velora Levy Sailsman due to her own personal experience when she discovered her son, at the age of two years may have autism and he needed to be assessed. As a result of this, her whole life was  turned upside down and she found herself leaning onto her teaching experience and her training and knowledge in special educational needs.



Our mission is to be the first and central point of contact for parents, social workers and health workers. Providing one to one support on an individualised request and the integral support required especially when a child is first assessed.


To be the main providers of our services to those families in need by:

1.  Providing support staff for families when going on holiday.

2.  Providing support groups for parents who are in need of emotional help.

3.  Creating an individualised Care Plan for parents to understand and present their Education Health Care Plan E.H.C.P.

4.   To provide buddy-support for the young ones as they grow into adolescence and are in need of independence for shopping and social activities.

Aims and Objectives

1.   First point of contact for parents of autistic children.

2.   A referral unit for Social Workers and hospitals.

3.   To provide the young people and their parents with a safe platform to come and unwind and connect with others.