Haringey Shed is an inclusive performing arts charity based in the heart of Tottenham. They believe everyone has a part to play and creates performing arts opportunities for all backgrounds and abilities.

Velora has developed both personal and professional relationships at Haringey Shed. She has witnessed the development of her son attending their projects but also had been able to share knowledge with the expert team and wider networks.

With both Velora and Haringey Shed championing for inclusion and particularly autism awareness, Haringey Shed continues to support and be there as a resource for Velora and her continued research and publications.

Ashling Foat
Company and Volunteer Centre

Someone I work with spoke highly of you today @levySailsman. She spoke of your professionalism and kind nature you showed towards her son Ivan. I hope this brightens your evening ♥

Talisa Marie

Velora Salisman of Artildas Nursery made me feel quite welcome and I felt happy with the way my son was taught and cared for throughout his stay there. Her staff where very pleasant and caring to all the parents and kids. Thank you Velora.

Tokunbo Turner