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Each child is unique and their individual educational needs should be addressed with the understanding of their particularly talents and abilities.

Velora Autism Consultancy has an approach that offers insight into the real life world of our children with sensitivity and support. The guidance involves examination of their abilities, the assessment of school targets and a comparison of their progress for each attainment level for an academic year.

School comparisons are evaluated and gauged for appropriate development for your child. Progress is measured to include a variety of elements and touch points that are child-specific. Not all schools are alike and we coordinate efforts to ensure that learning is the highest priority when transferring from a mainstream school or attending a new school.

We work with parents and caregivers to understand the nuances of education that can be the building blocks for reading, learning letter sounds, names of alphabets, number work, speaking and listening exercises, spelling of high frequency words and more.

Come join us on this journey in assuring your child’s academic potential.

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Velora M. Levy Book Corner

A child diagnosed with autism requires specific direction and attention from parents, caregivers and teachers and we have a collection of books and guidance materials that can help in this journey.

Each book selection brings new ideas to assist in assuring that children have the best opportunity to grow and learn based on their unique talents and abilities. Individualized therapy and treatment involves in-depth understanding to maximize their progress.

We incorporate new and interesting books that can bring a more enlightened attitude for your child while adding the levels of fun and excitement that can help them achieve their target goals.

We know that children with autism typically learn and develop naturally through the day but this must be complemented with teaching in all environments. Our books can play an important role in assisting a child as well as the family in the progress that you want to see achieved.

Each of our books are carefully chosen to offer the kind of comprehension and academic instruction that can move a child into the realms of their personal accomplishments. We believe that each child is unique in their abilities and making use of the best books can assist in a balance between home and school as part of an encouragement therapy.

I take great pride in also offering the book that I have authored:

“She Caused The Lightning To Strike”