We offer the following provisions:

  • Appropriate reading information on our website

  • A Telephone and Email advisory service

  • We will review your child’s Education Health Care Plan (E.H.C.P) and attend annual review meetings

  • We will assess your child’s Individual Education Plan ( I.E.P) prepared by your child’s class teacher.

  • We will visit your child at home and in school to assess your child’s Learning, Performance and Behaviour

  • We will equip families with ideas how to manage their child’s behaviour.

  • A reading recovery programme will be available. The reading ability of each Child will be assessed in order to determine where to pick up from in their learning.

  • We will put in place a tutoring service for your child and work with your child either in their homes, at our business address or at the library.

  • We will put in place Respite for your child.

  • Through our buddy program an appropriate staff will carry out “travel training” with your child if necessary.

  • We will provide an appropriate support worker to accompany your child to ‘out of school activities’

  • We have a weekly youth club which caters for those in the age group 11 years to 19, up to 25 years for those with a diagnosis of autism.

Our Services

  1. Weekly Youth Club

  2. Holiday Teen scheme

  3. Reading Recovery Programme

  4. Home Help

  5. Youth Minding/Respite care

  6. Independence